We need to talk about mental health!

We need to talk about mental health!

We need to talk about mental health!

October 10th 2017

We need to talk about our mental health!

Ireland South MEP Deirdre Clune has been recognised by Mental Health Europe for her work in the area of Mental Health within the European Parliament. News of the recognition comes as campaigners get ready for World Mental Health Day, Tuesday October 10th.

The Ireland South MEP said we should use World Mental Health day to focus on how we can help people in rural Ireland, young men in particular and those who are struggling with mental health issues to open up and talk about their mental health.

Clune said there should be no stigma around mental health,

“Modern life happens at a frantic pace. Young people often face enormous pressure to perform well in exams and deal with huge personal and emotional upheaval that comes with life changes such as moving away to study at university. Since the financial crash, more and more people are under financial stress, which can have a domino effect on mental health and emotional wellbeing. The financial crisis in Ireland has been linked to more than 10,000 suicides.

“The conversation around mental health has certainly opened up in the public sphere. Prince Harry and Prince William have both spoken out recently on the impact of the death of their mother had on their mental health as adolescents. Many celebrities have started to discuss their own struggles, beginning to slowly remove some of the stigma associated with a mental health condition and making it more and more acceptable to reach out for help when it is needed.

“Removing stigma is only one element of normalising mental healthcare. To that end, policymaking and legislation must take into account the potential effect laws can have on citizen’s lives, for example in policies on workplace inclusion, in supports provided to asylum seekers and, as Europe grows older, to ensure mental health and wellbeing is included in policies around ageing.

“Mental Health and Active Ageing” will be hosted by MEP Deirdre Clune on Monday Oct 16th in the Imperial Hotel, Cork where she will be joined by Minister Jim Daly, Martin Rogan, CEO of Mental Health Ireland, Peter Kavanagh, Active Retirement Ireland and Catherine Cox, Family Carers Ireland.