New Rules Approve to Protect 'On-Demand' Workers

New Rules Approve to Protect 'On-Demand' Workers

New Rules Approve to Protect ‘On-Demand’ Workers

The European Parliament has approved new rules to protect workers in ‘on-demand’ jobs such as Deliveroo. The rules will set out minimum rights and demands increased transparency for those workers in the so-called "gig economy" or those on zero-hour contracts.

The new rules will see more predictable hours and compensation for cancelled work for these workers and they will put an end to "abusive practices". Ireland and other Member States now have up to three years to enforce the rules.

The new rules should apply to people who work at least three hours a week, averaged over four weeks. They will also apply to trainees and apprentices in similar circumstances.

The two main objectives of the new directive are to extend and modernise obligations on informing workers about their working conditions and to create new minimum standards allowing more transparency and predictability for all workers. The directive will extend rights to workers in non-standard forms of employment which are not full time and open-ended, from part-time work to on-demand work without guaranteed working hours. The directive will also lighten the administrative burden on employers by giving them the opportunity to provide requested information electronically.

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