€72.8M fund for youth work placements across EU

€72.8M fund for youth work placements across EU

€72.8M fund for youth work placements across EU

A €72.8 million fund for voluntary posts and work placements for young people across the EU received the backing of MEPs in Brussels today, confirmed Deirdre Clune MEP, lead negotiator for the EPP Group on the EU budget in the European Parliament’s Employment Committee. The Ireland South MEP welcomed the green light for the funding through a vote in parliament this afternoon, Wednesday (30 August).

“The new EU Solidarity Corps (ESC) would create 100,000 volunteering and job placement opportunities for young people from Ireland and across the EU, allowing young people to sign up using their social media accounts,” MEP Clune said in Brussels today.

The ESC will support young people aged between 17 to 30 years old in voluntary service for between two and twelve months in their own or another country, according to the Fine Gael MEP.

“The ESC will help young people avail of new and interesting job placements, providing a varied range of work experience. Active participation of youth in society is invaluable, as it builds a sense of citizenship, community, responsibility, solidarity and awareness amongst Europeans and in a global context. ”

MEP Clune also welcomed the protection of funding for the Youth Employment Initiative (YEI) in the budget. This programme ensures that all citizens under the age of 25 receive either an offer of good quality employment, continued education, an apprenticeship or a traineeship within four months of leaving school or becoming unemployed.

“The recent report from the European Court of Auditors stated that this programme needed more resources not less, so I am delighted that we have successfully protected its funding," she added.

MEPs are due to cast a final vote on the EU budget in autumn 2017, after which it will come before Member States at the Council for approval.

For more info check out: https://europa.eu/youth/solidarity_en

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