€1.3 Billion Fund For Young People in Ireland and Europe

€1.3 Billion Fund For Young People in Ireland and Europe

€1.3 Billion Fund For Young People in Ireland and Europe

Young people living in Ireland can avail of funding to support their volunteer activities. This news comes as European Youth Week begins. From 29th April until 5th May, the ninth edition of European Youth Week is taking place across Europe. This year's theme is “Democracy and me”.

 The European Solidarity Corps is a €1.3 billion fund being made available to support activities, mainly volunteering for young people. Activities could include helping rebuild communities devastated by earthquake or floods, supporting asylum seekers or refugees and working with those with disabilities. The fund is open to 18 to 34 year olds across Europe and including Ireland for a two to 12 month period. The fund can be used, in certain circumstances in a person’s home country. For NGOs, churches, schools and other institutions, the European Solidarity Corps programme provides an opportunity to engage young people willing to gain work experience, skills and human experience.

This is a great way for Irish people to meet other young European people. It great to see that volunteering remains the main activity funded by the programme and I would encourage young people in Ireland to participate in the programme.

Young people across Ireland, through this fund can lend a helping hand where it is needed. They will also gain invaluable experience. This is a great fund which is continuing to support communities and provide quality opportunities for young people in Ireland and across Europe. Already, this programme has been a great success and has brought together young people to build a more inclusive society, supporting vulnerable people and responding to a wide variety of challenges facing society across the continent.

 The programme aims to strengthen the spirit of solidarity among participants and encourage them to continue expressing their solidarity throughout their entire lives. The overall budget available for the implementation of the European Solidarity Corps is set at €1.3 billion. Since its launch in December 2016, there are now more than 10,000 young people active in projects since December 2016, which includes 150 from Ireland.

 Deadlines for submission of projects fall between 5th February and 1st October 2019 depending on the type of activity.

 For more information and to apply please see: https://europa.eu/youth/solidarity_en

Meanwhile the results of a Eurobarometer survey show that for more than two thirds of young people (67%), priority number one for EU action over the next ten years should be protecting the environment and fighting climate change. The second and third priorities they identified are improving education and training, including free movement of students, apprentices or pupils (56%) and fighting poverty, economic and social inequalities (56%). In addition, 72% of young people interviewed say that, from the moment they were allowed to participate in elections until today, they voted in local, national, or European elections. The survey addressed around 11,000 young people aged between 15 and 30 years old in March 2019. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss these and other topics at European Youth Week events.

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