Covid-19 (coronavirus) information

Covid-19 (coronavirus) information

Covid-19 (coronavirus) information


The Irish government has made available the latest information on the virus, including health advice, public health measures and the latest updates. Read more here

Detailed information can also be found on the HSE website here

European Response

The European Commission has a coordinated response, with measures that include a Coronavirus response team; €8 billion to support 100,000 businesses; and ensuring the free flow of goods across Europe through the use of green lanes amongst others. Find out more


It is also important to fight disinformation at this time and ensure that your news is coming from reputable sources as well as being aware of scams. The European Commission aims to help with this and fight disinformation through its dedicated website


If your travel has been disrupted due to the Corona crisis, you can find information here on your rights,  including reimbursement or rerouting at a later date.

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