Climate change is as much an opportunity as it is a challenge

Climate change is as much an opportunity as it is a challenge

Climate change is as much an opportunity as it is a challenge

Ireland South MEP Deirdre Clune has been appointed by the European Peoples Party to negotiate on the Commissions new employment initiative that aims to create jobs from the Green economy in Europe.


Speaking after the appointment, Deirdre Clune emphasised that new jobs can go hand in hand with a greener economy,


"I will be pushing the Commission to develop a clear and precise policy on how they intend to create jobs using the Green economy. We must see climate change as much as an opportunity as a challenge for Europe. Improving waste prevention and management in the EU could create more than 400,000 new jobs, and the review of the waste legislation now proposed by the Commission could create an estimated further 180 000 jobs


"Ireland and Europe can create thousands of jobs from making buildings more energy efficient to meet the requirements of the Energy Efficiency Directive. These are just some of the ways in which we can create jobs and simultaneously drive the green agenda. It is not going to be easy. Some traditional sectors of industry will need time and space to transition towards a green economy. We can create extra jobs but some jobs will be replaced and others redefined.


"We gave a clear commitment to the people of Europe that we would tackle Climate Change and we must now look at how we do business, so as to ensure that our economy remains sustainable for future generations.


"There are a number of EU funds available to help Member States with the employment opportunities and challenges of the transition to a greener economy including the ESF and ERDF funds.


"I am looking forward to getting started on this brief which is of critical economic and social importance to Europe and Ireland.

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