Alert System in Emergency for European Citizens

Alert System in Emergency for European Citizens

Alert System in Emergency for European Citizens

A European wide alert system, called Reverse112 has been approved to be introduced in all Member States. It will now be mandatory for EU citizens and visitors to receive alerts directly on their phone in case of a large emergency.

This directive will bring considerable improvements for the work of emergency services, for instance by improving caller location of emergency calls or mandating the implementation in all Member States of modern public warning systems. EU member states will have 42 months after the legislation comes into force to establish the emergency system.

Today in the European Parliament MEPs voted to introduce Reverse112 in all Member States. The system is designed to help keep Europeans safe during natural disasters or terror attacks, by sending critical information directly to their mobile phone. In a large emergency, people will receive information directly on their phone about what is happening and how to remain safe.

In case of large-scale emergencies, Reverse 112, would allow emergency services to alert quickly and efficiently all the people located in a determined area, directly on their telephone.

This system is at the moment available in only four out of the 28 Member States (the Netherlands, Lithuania, Sweden and Belgium).

The vote represents a great step forward for the safety of the Europeans.

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