You and the EU

Compensation for travel delays or cancellations

Have you experienced delays and cancellations? As an air, rail, ship or bus passenger, you have rights when travelling in the EU.

If your flight, train, bus or boat is delayed or cancelled, you have rights under EU law.

In the event of delays of two or more hours (depending on the distance of the flight) passengers must be offered free meals and refreshments, two free telephone calls, emails or faxes.

Where a stay of one or more nights becomes necessary, passengers must also be offered hotel accommodation and transport between the airport and the place of accommodation;
If the flight is delayed by at least five hours, passengers may opt for reimbursement of the full cost of the ticket.

In the case of aviation, for a delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight, passengers can receive up to €600 in compensation under EU passenger rights legislation EC 261/2004. For more information, check out this EU website: youreurope/citizens/travel/passenger-rights

EU Health Insurance Card

If travelling in Europe, make sure you have an EU Health Insurance Card. It gives all European citizens access to public-health services anywhere in the EU and Switzerland.

You can apply online on the HSE website for your European Health Insurance Card if you are currently resident in Ireland and you already have either a medical card or a Drugs Payment Scheme (DPS) card.

Alternatively, if you phone my office on 021 235 5822 or 1890 989 533, we can arrange to have a form posted to you.